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Detailed Translations for orientation from English to French


orientation [the ~] nom

  1. the orientation
  2. the orientation (location; siting)
    l'emplacement; la situation; la localisation; la position
  3. the orientation (page orientation)
    – The direction a publication will be printed on a sheet of paper. You can choose either portrait, which is the taller-than-wide orientation, or landscape, which is the wider-than-tall orientation. 1
  4. the orientation
    – The alignment of an item, such as a control. 1

Translation Matrix for orientation:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
emplacement location; orientation; siting area; aspect; lay-out; location; navigation place; place; position; situation; yard
localisation location; orientation; siting localization; location; situation
orientation orientation course; direction; field of study; orientation on; subject; tendency toward; trend
position location; orientation; siting angle; aspect; assertion; attitude; conception; condition; function; hierarchy; idea; installment; instalment; interpretation; job; lay-out; legal status; location; notion; opinion; order of rank; outlook; perspective; point of view; position; post; postulate; premise; rank; reading; situation; stand; state; statement; thesis; version; view; vision; way of thinking
situation location; orientation; siting aspect; condition; country; empire; function; installment; instalment; job; kingdom; lay-out; location; nation; position; post; situation; state; state of affairs
- orientation course; predilection; preference
Not SpecifiedRelated TranslationsOther Translations
orientation orientation; page orientation
orientation de page orientation; page orientation

Related Words for "orientation":

Synonyms for "orientation":

Related Definitions for "orientation":

  1. a course introducing a new situation or environment2
  2. the act of orienting2
  3. a person's awareness of self with regard to position and time and place and personal relationships2
  4. a predisposition in favor of something2
    • showed a Marxist orientation2
  5. an integrated set of attitudes and beliefs2
  6. position or alignment relative to points of the compass or other specific directions2
  7. The direction a publication will be printed on a sheet of paper. You can choose either portrait, which is the taller-than-wide orientation, or landscape, which is the wider-than-tall orientation.1
  8. The alignment of an item, such as a control.1

Wiktionary Translations for orientation:

  1. Action d’orienter
  2. action de repérer.
  3. signification, ce que quelque chose veut dire.

Cross Translation:
orientation orientation Orientierungallgemein, ohne Plural: das Sich-zurecht-Finden im Raum, zum Beispiel im Gelände, in Bauwerken, in Städten


to orientate verbe (orientates, orientated, orientating)

  1. to orientate (direct towards)
  2. to orientate (look around)
    chercher; s'orienter; regarder autour de soi
    • chercher verbe (cherche, cherches, cherchons, cherchez, )
    • s'orienter verbe
  3. to orientate (look around)
    regarder autour de soi; chercher
    • chercher verbe (cherche, cherches, cherchons, cherchez, )

Conjugations for orientate:

  1. orientate
  2. orientate
  3. orientates
  4. orientate
  5. orientate
  6. orientate
simple past
  1. orientated
  2. orientated
  3. orientated
  4. orientated
  5. orientated
  6. orientated
present perfect
  1. have orientated
  2. have orientated
  3. has orientated
  4. have orientated
  5. have orientated
  6. have orientated
past continuous
  1. was orientating
  2. were orientating
  3. was orientating
  4. were orientating
  5. were orientating
  6. were orientating
  1. shall orientate
  2. will orientate
  3. will orientate
  4. shall orientate
  5. will orientate
  6. will orientate
continuous present
  1. am orientating
  2. are orientating
  3. is orientating
  4. are orientating
  5. are orientating
  6. are orientating
  1. be orientated
  2. be orientated
  3. be orientated
  4. be orientated
  5. be orientated
  6. be orientated
  1. orientate!
  2. let's orientate!
  3. orientated
  4. orientating
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for orientate:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
chercher look around; orientate collect; drop by; drop in; fetch; investigate; look about; look for; look up; nose about; pick up; poke about; research; roam about; rove about; search about; search for; seek; snoop; study; visit; wander
orienter direct towards; orientate
regarder autour de soi look around; orientate look about; nose about; poke about; roam about; rove about; search about; snoop; wander
s'orienter direct towards; look around; orientate orientate oneself
- orient

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Synonyms for "orientate":

Antonyms for "orientate":

  • disorient

Related Definitions for "orientate":

  1. determine one's position with reference to another point2

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