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Detailed Translations for predominate from English to French


to predominate verbe (predominates, predominated, predominating)

  1. to predominate (prevail; dominate)
    régner; dominer; gouverner
    • régner verbe (règne, règnes, régnons, régnez, )
    • dominer verbe (domine, domines, dominons, dominez, )
    • gouverner verbe (gouverne, gouvernes, gouvernons, gouvernez, )

Conjugations for predominate:

  1. predominate
  2. predominate
  3. predominates
  4. predominate
  5. predominate
  6. predominate
simple past
  1. predominated
  2. predominated
  3. predominated
  4. predominated
  5. predominated
  6. predominated
present perfect
  1. have predominated
  2. have predominated
  3. has predominated
  4. have predominated
  5. have predominated
  6. have predominated
past continuous
  1. was predominating
  2. were predominating
  3. was predominating
  4. were predominating
  5. were predominating
  6. were predominating
  1. shall predominate
  2. will predominate
  3. will predominate
  4. shall predominate
  5. will predominate
  6. will predominate
continuous present
  1. am predominating
  2. are predominating
  3. is predominating
  4. are predominating
  5. are predominating
  6. are predominating
  1. be predominated
  2. be predominated
  3. be predominated
  4. be predominated
  5. be predominated
  6. be predominated
  1. predominate!
  2. let's predominate!
  3. predominated
  4. predominating
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for predominate:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
dominer dominate; predominate; prevail be the one in control; bring to submission; bring under control; check; control; crush; curb; develop; dominate; exercise authority; exert power; grow; grow up; have the upper hand; keep back; keep in control; keep under control; moderate; order; overcome; overpower; overwhelm; prevail; pulverise; pulverize; recant; reign; restrain; retract; revoke; rise; rise above; rub fine; rule; subdue; subject; suppress; take back; take possession of something; tame; tower; tower above; withhold
gouverner dominate; predominate; prevail be in command of; command; crush; direct; exercise authority; exert power; have the upper hand; keep back; keep in control; lead; order; preside; prevail; pulverise; pulverize; recant; reign; retract; revoke; rub fine; rule; subdue; suppress; take back; take the lead; withhold
régner dominate; predominate; prevail have the upper hand; prevail
- dominate; hulk; loom; prevail; reign; rule; tower
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- overriding; paramount; predominant; preponderant; preponderating

Related Words for "predominate":

  • predominating, predominately

Synonyms for "predominate":

Related Definitions for "predominate":

  1. having superior power and influence1
  2. be larger in number, quantity, power, status or importance1
    • Hispanics predominate in this neighborhood1
  3. appear very large or occupy a commanding position1
    • The huge sculpture predominates over the fountain1

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