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Detailed Translations for recite from English to French


to recite verbe (recites, recited, reciting)

  1. to recite (declaim; orate)
    réciter; déclamer
    • réciter verbe (récite, récites, récitons, récitez, )
    • déclamer verbe (déclame, déclames, déclamons, déclamez, )
  2. to recite (declaim; orate)
    • réciter verbe (récite, récites, récitons, récitez, )
  3. to recite
    réciter; déclamer des vers; chanter
    • réciter verbe (récite, récites, récitons, récitez, )
    • chanter verbe (chante, chantes, chantons, chantez, )
  4. to recite (repeat)
    répéter; redire; raconter ce qu'on a vécu
    • répéter verbe (répète, répètes, répétons, répétez, )
    • redire verbe (redis, redit, redisons, redites, )

Conjugations for recite:

  1. recite
  2. recite
  3. recites
  4. recite
  5. recite
  6. recite
simple past
  1. recited
  2. recited
  3. recited
  4. recited
  5. recited
  6. recited
present perfect
  1. have recited
  2. have recited
  3. has recited
  4. have recited
  5. have recited
  6. have recited
past continuous
  1. was reciting
  2. were reciting
  3. was reciting
  4. were reciting
  5. were reciting
  6. were reciting
  1. shall recite
  2. will recite
  3. will recite
  4. shall recite
  5. will recite
  6. will recite
continuous present
  1. am reciting
  2. are reciting
  3. is reciting
  4. are reciting
  5. are reciting
  6. are reciting
  1. be recited
  2. be recited
  3. be recited
  4. be recited
  5. be recited
  6. be recited
  1. recite!
  2. let's recite!
  3. recited
  4. reciting
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for recite:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
chanter recite chirp; sing
déclamer declaim; orate; recite
déclamer des vers recite
raconter ce qu'on a vécu recite; repeat
redire recite; repeat echo; parrot; repeat; restart; resume; say after; start again
réciter declaim; orate; recite
répéter recite; repeat echo; exercise; parrot; practice; practise; redo; rehearse; repeat; restart; resume; say after; snooze; start again; take up the thread of one's narrative; train
- declaim; enumerate; itemise; itemize; narrate; recount; retell; tell

Related Words for "recite":

Synonyms for "recite":

Related Definitions for "recite":

  1. repeat aloud from memory1
    • she recited a poem1
    • The pupil recited his lesson for the day1
  2. specify individually1
    • The doctor recited the list of possible side effects of the drug1
  3. narrate or give a detailed account of1
  4. recite in elocution1
  5. render verbally,1
    • recite a poem1

Wiktionary Translations for recite:

  1. to repeat aloud some passage, poem or other text previously memorized, often before an audience
  1. (vieilli) prononcer à voix haute, et d’une manière soutenir, quelque discours, quelque morceau de prose ou de vers qu’on savoir par cœur.

Cross Translation:
recite réciter; déclamer declameren — letterkundige werken mondeling voordragen