Detailed Translations for redeem from English to French


to redeem verbe (redeems, redeemed, redeeming)

  1. to redeem
    acquitter; rembourser; régler; amortir
    • acquitter verbe (acquitte, acquittes, acquittons, acquittez, )
    • rembourser verbe (rembourse, rembourses, remboursons, remboursez, )
    • régler verbe (règle, règles, réglons, réglez, )
    • amortir verbe (amortis, amortit, amortissons, amortissez, )
  2. to redeem (restore; redress)
    remettre en ordre; rétablir; arranger; ajuster
    • rétablir verbe (rétablis, rétablit, rétablissons, rétablissez, )
    • arranger verbe (arrange, arranges, arrangeons, arrangez, )
    • ajuster verbe (ajuste, ajustes, ajustons, ajustez, )
  3. to redeem (set free; release; deliver; rescue)
    délivrer; libérer; sauver
    • délivrer verbe (délivre, délivres, délivrons, délivrez, )
    • libérer verbe (libère, libères, libérons, libérez, )
    • sauver verbe (sauve, sauves, sauvons, sauvez, )
  4. to redeem (buy off; ransom)
    payer une rançon; rédimer
    • rédimer verbe (rédime, rédimes, rédimons, rédimez, )

Conjugations for redeem:

  1. redeem
  2. redeem
  3. redeems
  4. redeem
  5. redeem
  6. redeem
simple past
  1. redeemed
  2. redeemed
  3. redeemed
  4. redeemed
  5. redeemed
  6. redeemed
present perfect
  1. have redeemed
  2. have redeemed
  3. has redeemed
  4. have redeemed
  5. have redeemed
  6. have redeemed
past continuous
  1. was redeeming
  2. were redeeming
  3. was redeeming
  4. were redeeming
  5. were redeeming
  6. were redeeming
  1. shall redeem
  2. will redeem
  3. will redeem
  4. shall redeem
  5. will redeem
  6. will redeem
continuous present
  1. am redeeming
  2. are redeeming
  3. is redeeming
  4. are redeeming
  5. are redeeming
  6. are redeeming
  1. be redeemed
  2. be redeemed
  3. be redeemed
  4. be redeemed
  5. be redeemed
  6. be redeemed
  1. redeem!
  2. let's redeem!
  3. redeemed
  4. redeeming
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

redeem [the ~] nom

  1. the redeem (paying off; paying for)
    le remboursement; l'acquittement; le payement
  2. the redeem (making up for; atoning for)
    le dédommagement; la compensation; l'indemnité

Translation Matrix for redeem:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
acquittement paying for; paying off; redeem acquittal; amends; clearance; clearing off; compensation; completion; conclusion; discharge; hire-purchase; indemnification; liquidation; paying off; payment; settlement; settling; winding up
ajuster fastening; fixing; tieing up
compensation atoning for; making up for; redeem amends; compensating for; compensation; favour in return; fee; income; indemnification; indemnity; payment; quid pro quo; recoupment; reimbursement; remuneration; repayment; restitution; return; salary; satisfaction; service in return
dédommagement atoning for; making up for; redeem amends; compensation; fee; income; indemnification; indemnity; payment; recoupment; reimbursement; remuneration; repayment; restitution; salary; satisfaction
indemnité atoning for; making up for; redeem allowance; amends; bonus; compensation; distribution of profits; extra allowance; extra charge; fee; gratuity; income; indemnification; indemnity; payment; payment of a dividend; premium; recoupment; redemption money; reimbursement; remuneration; repayment; restitution; salary; smart-money
payement paying for; paying off; redeem
remboursement paying for; paying off; redeem indemnification; indemnity; paying off; payment; redemption; refund; reimbursement; repayment; restitution; restoration; retrocession; return; reversing of an entry; settlement
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
acquitter redeem clear; found innocent; make even; pay; pay for; pay off; pay on account; settle
ajuster redeem; redress; restore adapt; adjust; cut to size; fine tune; fit in; fix; mend; patch; repair; restore; synchronise; synchronize; tailor to; tune; tune in
amortir redeem amortize
arranger redeem; redress; restore arrange; assort; boost; bring off; classify; coordinate; cope; fix; fix up; freshen up; group; instal; install; jack up v; lay down; make decent; manage; model; orchestrate; order; organise; organize; patch up; pep up; pull off; put in order; range; reconcile; refurbish; regulate; renew; renovate; resume; select; set up; settle; shape; shunt; sift; sort out
délivrer deliver; redeem; release; rescue; set free bring; bring around; deliver; furnish; let go; liberate; provide; put up for shipment; release; rid of; send; set at liberty; set free; ship; supply
libérer deliver; redeem; release; rescue; set free clear; disengage; free; grant an amnesty; let go; liberate; loosen; release; set at liberty; set free; thaw; unlace; untie; work loose
payer une rançon buy off; ransom; redeem
rembourser redeem buy off; compensate; indemnificate; make good; pay back; refund; reimburse; repay; restitute
remettre en ordre redeem; redress; restore
rédimer buy off; ransom; redeem
régler redeem adjust; clear up; discuss; finish; fix; get even; handle; have ended; have finished; level; make even; mend; patch up a quarrel; pay; pay for; pay off; pay on account; pay up; reconcile; repair; restore; settle; synchronise; synchronize; talk out; tune; tune in
rétablir redeem; redress; restore better one's life; find again; fix; get better; get well again; improve; mend; repair; reset; restore; revert
sauver deliver; redeem; release; rescue; set free bring through; put in safety; rescue; salvage; save
- deliver; pay off; ransom; save
Not SpecifiedRelated TranslationsOther Translations
libérer deallocate

Related Words for "redeem":

Synonyms for "redeem":

Related Definitions for "redeem":

  1. convert into cash; of commercial papers1
  2. pay off (loans or promissory notes)1
  3. exchange or buy back for money; under threat1
  4. to turn in (vouchers or coupons) and receive something in exchange1
  5. restore the honor or worth of1
  6. save from sins1

Wiktionary Translations for redeem:

  1. to recover ownership of something by paying a sum
  2. to restore the reputation, honour of ...
  1. acheter ce qu’on a vendre ou ce qui a été vendu.