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Detailed Translations for whiff from English to French


whiff [the ~] nom

  1. the whiff (waft; gleam; burst)
    le petit trait; l'ombre; la lueur

Translation Matrix for whiff:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
lueur burst; gleam; waft; whiff brilliance; dim; dusk; flare; flash; flicker; flickering; gleam; glimmer; glint; glitter; glittering; gloam; glow; light signal; radiance; semidarkness; shine; spark; sparkle; sparkling; twilight
ombre burst; gleam; waft; whiff darkness; drop shadow; ghost; gleam; shade; shadow; silhouette
petit trait burst; gleam; waft; whiff
- puff; puff of air
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- puff; sniff
Not SpecifiedRelated TranslationsOther Translations
ombre shade

Related Words for "whiff":

  • whiffs

Synonyms for "whiff":

Related Definitions for "whiff":

  1. a strikeout resulting from the batter swinging at and missing the ball for the third strike1
  2. a lefteye flounder found in coastal waters from New England to Brazil1
  3. a short light gust of air1
  4. utter with a puff of air1
    • whiff out a prayer1
  5. smoke and exhale strongly1
    • whiff a pipe1
  6. strike out by swinging and missing the pitch charged as the third1
  7. drive or carry as if by a puff of air1
    • The gust of air whiffed away the clouds1
  8. perceive by inhaling through the nose1

Wiktionary Translations for whiff:

  1. waft; brief, gentle breeze; light gust of air
  2. odour carried briefly through the air
  3. short inhalation of breath
  4. megrim
  1. Petit cylindre de tabac finement haché entouré d'une feuille de papier fin, que l'on fume.
  2. Agitation de l’air