Detailed Translations for favor from English to Dutch


favor verbe, américain

  1. favor (privilege; favour; give preference)
    bevoorrechten; voorrechten toekennen
  2. favor (favour; slide in front)
    voortrekken; iemand begunstigen; voorschuiven
  3. favor (favour; give preference)
    voortrekken; bevoordelen; begunstigen; voorschuiven
    • voortrekken verbe (trek voor, trekt voor, trok voor, trokken voor, voorgetrokken)
    • bevoordelen verbe (bevoordeel, bevoordeelt, bevoordeelde, bevoordeelden, bevoordeeld)
    • begunstigen verbe (begunstig, begunstigt, begunstigde, begunstigden, begunstigd)
    • voorschuiven verbe

favor [the ~] nom, américain

  1. the favor (favour)
    de begunstiging
  2. the favor (favouring; privilege; favour; preference; advantage)
    de bevoorrechting
  3. the favor (favour; service; grace; )
    de gunst; de dienst

Translation Matrix for favor:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
begunstiging favor; favour
bevoorrechting advantage; favor; favour; favouring; preference; privilege
dienst boon; favor; favour; goodwill; grace; mass; patronage; service; support Mass; complaisance; compliance; courtesy; institution; kindness; mass; military service; modesty; national service; service; subservience; worship
gunst boon; favor; favour; goodwill; grace; mass; patronage; service; support
- favour; party favor; party favour
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
begunstigen favor; favour; give preference
bevoordelen favor; favour; give preference
bevoorrechten favor; favour; give preference; privilege
iemand begunstigen favor; favour; slide in front
voorrechten toekennen favor; favour; give preference; privilege
voorschuiven favor; favour; give preference; slide in front advance; move up; push forward; slide in front
voortrekken favor; favour; give preference; slide in front
- favour; prefer; privilege
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- gladden; good will; mark of favour; token of favour

Synonyms for "favor":

Related Definitions for "favor":

  1. an act of gracious kindness1
  2. souvenir consisting of a small gift given to a guest at a party1
  3. an advantage to the benefit of someone or something1
    • the outcome was in his favor1
  4. an inclination to approve1
    • that style is in favor this season1
  5. a feeling of favorable regard1
  6. consider as the favorite1
    • The local team was favored1
  7. promote over another1
    • he favors his second daughter1
  8. bestow a privilege upon1
  9. treat gently or carefully1

Wiktionary Translations for favor:

  1. deed in which help is voluntarily provided

Cross Translation:
favor gunst Gunst — die Bevorzugung, das Wohlwollen, die Gewogenheit
favor accelereren; bespoedigen; verhaasten; versnellen favorisertraiter avec les signes d’une préférence ou d'une bienveillance marquer.

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