Detailed Translations for revise from English to Dutch


to revise verbe (revises, revised, revising)

  1. to revise (rewrite; edit)
    bewerken; herschrijven
  2. to revise (review; amend; alter)
    herzien; hervormen; reformeren
    • herzien verbe (herzie, herziet, herzag, herzagen, herzien)
    • hervormen verbe (hervorm, hervormt, hervormde, hervormden, hervormd)
    • reformeren verbe (reformeer, reformeert, reformeerde, reformeerden, gereformeerd)

Conjugations for revise:

  1. revise
  2. revise
  3. revises
  4. revise
  5. revise
  6. revise
simple past
  1. revised
  2. revised
  3. revised
  4. revised
  5. revised
  6. revised
present perfect
  1. have revised
  2. have revised
  3. has revised
  4. have revised
  5. have revised
  6. have revised
past continuous
  1. was revising
  2. were revising
  3. was revising
  4. were revising
  5. were revising
  6. were revising
  1. shall revise
  2. will revise
  3. will revise
  4. shall revise
  5. will revise
  6. will revise
continuous present
  1. am revising
  2. are revising
  3. is revising
  4. are revising
  5. are revising
  6. are revising
  1. be revised
  2. be revised
  3. be revised
  4. be revised
  5. be revised
  6. be revised
  1. revise!
  2. let's revise!
  3. revised
  4. revising
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for revise:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
herstelling van materiaal adjustment; amendment; conversion; overhaul; readjustment; reform; review; revise; revision; service
revisie adjustment; amendment; conversion; overhaul; readjustment; reform; review; revise; revision; service
- rescript; revisal; revision
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bewerken edit; revise; rewrite edit
herschrijven edit; revise; rewrite
hervormen alter; amend; review; revise reform
herzien alter; amend; review; revise alter; better; change; correct; create; get better; improve; interchange; invent; make; make better; modify; reform; renew; reshape; rewrite; switch; transform; vary
reformeren alter; amend; review; revise reform
- retool

Related Words for "revise":

Synonyms for "revise":

Related Definitions for "revise":

  1. the act of rewriting something1
  2. make revisions in1
    • revise a thesis1
  3. revise or reorganize, especially for the purpose of updating and improving1

Wiktionary Translations for revise:

  1. to review, alter and amend, especially of written material

Cross Translation:
revise terugzien; reviseren; weerzien; herzien revoirvoir de nouveau.