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Detailed Translations for woolly from English to Dutch


woolly adj, britannique

  1. woolly (hairy; shaggy; bushy; wooly)
  2. woolly (woollen; woolen; wooly)
  3. woolly (rotten; spongy; wooly)

Translation Matrix for woolly:

AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
behaard bushy; hairy; shaggy; woolly; wooly
harig bushy; hairy; shaggy; woolly; wooly
ruig bushy; hairy; shaggy; woolly; wooly barren; feral; inhospitable; unbroken; untamed; wild
voos rotten; spongy; woolly; wooly
wollig woolen; woollen; woolly; wooly indistinct; obscure; unclear; vague
- addled; befuddled; flocculent; lanate; muddled; muzzy; woolly-haired; woolly-headed; wooly; wooly-haired; wooly-minded
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
wolachtig woolen; woollen; woolly; wooly

Related Words for "woolly":

  • woolliness, woollier, woolliest

Synonyms for "woolly":

Related Definitions for "woolly":

  1. covered with dense cottony hairs or hairlike filaments1
    • the woolly aphid has a lanate coat resembling cotton1
  2. covered with dense often matted or curly hairs1
    • woolly lambs1
  3. confused and vague; used especially of thinking1
    • woolly thinking1
  4. having a fluffy character or appearance1

Wiktionary Translations for woolly:

  1. made of wool

Related Translations for woolly