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Detailed Translations for bibliothèque from French to English


bibliothèque [la ~] nom

  1. la bibliothèque
    the library
  2. la bibliothèque
    the bookcase; the bookshelves
  3. la bibliothèque
    the library; the code library
    – In programming, a collection of routines stored in a file. Each set of instructions in a library has a name, and each performs a different task. 1
  4. la bibliothèque
    the library
    – In Windows Media Player, a database that contains information about digital media files on a computer, a network drive, or the Internet. 1
  5. la bibliothèque (bibliothèque de documents)
    the library; the document library
    – A location on a SharePoint site where a collection of files and their associated metadata are stored. 1
  6. la bibliothèque (galerie)
    the gallery
    – A window or menu that presents an array or grid of visual choices to a user for selection. 1
  7. la bibliothèque (bibliothèque Virtual Machine Manager)
    the library; the Virtual Machine Manager library
    – The catalog of resources that can be used to create virtual machines in Virtual Machine Manager. 1
  8. la bibliothèque (bibliothèque Windows)
    the library; the Windows library
    – A collection of items, such as files and folders, assembled from various locations. The locations might be on your computer, an external hard drive, removable media, or someone else’s computer. 1

Translation Matrix for bibliothèque:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
Virtual Machine Manager library bibliothèque; bibliothèque Virtual Machine Manager
Windows library bibliothèque; bibliothèque Windows
bookcase bibliothèque
bookshelves bibliothèque
code library bibliothèque
document library bibliothèque; bibliothèque de documents
gallery bibliothèque; galerie arcades; cabinet; collonade; corridor; galerie; galerie d'art; hall d'exposition; salle d'exposition; salle de musée; salon d'art
library bibliothèque; bibliothèque Virtual Machine Manager; bibliothèque Windows; bibliothèque de documents

Synonyms for "bibliothèque":

Wiktionary Translations for bibliothèque:

  1. Meuble destiné à ranger des livres
  2. Établissement où sont conservés des livres
  3. Collection organisée de livres
  4. Ensemble homogène de sous-programmes
  1. collection of books
  2. institution which holds books etc.
  3. shelf for storing books
  4. furniture displaying books

Cross Translation:
bibliothèque library Bibliothek — Institution, in der Buch oder sonstige Medien lesen oder ausleihen werden können
bibliothèque library Bücherei — eine meist kleinere Bibliothek, in der man Buch leihen kann
bibliothèque bookcase boekenkast — een kast voor de opslag en het laten zien van boeken

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