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Detailed Translations for clapet from French to English


clapet [le ~] nom

  1. le clapet (soupape; valve operculaire)
    the stop valve
  2. le clapet (gueule; bec; museau)
    the snout; the jaws; the mouth; the orifice; the face
  3. le clapet
    the valve-flap

Translation Matrix for clapet:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
face bec; clapet; gueule; museau bec; bobine; devant; devanture; face; façade; figure; frimousse; front; gueule; museau; physionomie; plan; police; spectacle; trogne; visage; visibilité; vision; vue
jaws bec; clapet; gueule; museau bec; bouche; gueule; museau
mouth bec; clapet; gueule; museau bec; bouche; embouchure; gueule; museau
orifice bec; clapet; gueule; museau bouche
snout bec; clapet; gueule; museau bec; gueule; museau
stop valve clapet; soupape; valve operculaire rabat; volet
valve-flap clapet
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
face affronter; braver; confronter; défier; faire face à
snout attraper; barboter; chiper; piquer; prendre; souffler

Synonyms for "clapet":

Wiktionary Translations for clapet:

  1. device that controls flow of gas or fluid

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