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Detailed Translations for voisinage from French to Swedish


voisinage [le ~] nom

  1. le voisinage (proximité)
  2. le voisinage (village; localité)
    by; liten stad; liten ort

Translation Matrix for voisinage:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
by localité; village; voisinage vent katabatique
liten ort localité; village; voisinage
liten stad localité; village; voisinage
närhet proximité; voisinage alentours; environs

Synonyms for "voisinage":

Wiktionary Translations for voisinage:

Cross Translation:
voisinage grannskap neighborhood — nearby area
voisinage grannskap; kvarter neighbourhood — close proximity, particularly in reference to home
voisinage närhet vicinity — proximity, or the state of being near
voisinage närhet buurt — de nabijheid

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