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Detailed Translations for distributie from Dutch to Swedish


distributie [de ~ (v)] nom

  1. de distributie (distributiekantoor)
  2. de distributie (rantsoenering)
  3. de distributie

Translation Matrix for distributie:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
distibutionskontor distributie; distributiekantoor
fördelning distributie afdeling; divisie; sectie; toekenning; toewijzing; verlening
ransonering distributie; rantsoenering

Related Words for "distributie":

  • distributies

Wiktionary Translations for distributie:

Cross Translation:
distributie distribution; fördelning distribution — act of distribution or being distributed
distributie distribution distribution — process by which commodities get to final consumers
distributie utdelning; tilldelning distribution — anything distributed; portion; share
distributie fördelning distribution — distribution in statistics
distributie distribution DistributionVerteilung, Verteiltsein, Verbreitetsein
distributie utdelning distributionaction de distribuer ou résultat de cette action.