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Detailed Translations for postcode from Dutch to English


postcode [de ~ (m)] nom

  1. de postcode
    the postal code; the zip code
  2. de postcode
    the postal code
    – An alphanumeric code assigned to all addresses in order to facilitate mail delivery. 1
  3. de postcode
    the ZIP code
    – In the United States, the postal code assigned to all addresses. 1

Translation Matrix for postcode:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
ZIP code postcode
postal code postcode
zip code postcode

Related Words for "postcode":

  • postcodes

Wiktionary Translations for postcode:

  1. sequence of letters and/or numbers added to a postal address

Cross Translation:
postcode postal code; postcode; ZIP code PLZPostleitzahl
postcode postcode; postal code; post code; ZIP code Postleitzahl — Buchstaben- oder Ziffernkombination, die auf Postsendungen den Zustellort angibt
postcode zip code; post code; postal code code postalcode utilisé pour repérer la destination, dans une adresse postale.