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Detailed Translations for stampen from Dutch to English


stampen verbe (stamp, stampt, stampte, stampten, gestampt)

  1. stampen (fijnstampen)
    to stamp one's foot
    • stamp one's foot verbe (stamps one's foot, stamped one's foot, stamping one's foot)
  2. stampen (stampvoeten)
    to dance; to stamp one's foot
    • dance verbe (dances, danced, dancing)
    • stamp one's foot verbe (stamps one's foot, stamped one's foot, stamping one's foot)

Conjugations for stampen:

  1. stamp
  2. stampt
  3. stampt
  4. stampen
  5. stampen
  6. stampen
  1. stampte
  2. stampte
  3. stampte
  4. stampten
  5. stampten
  6. stampten
  1. heb gestampt
  2. hebt gestampt
  3. heeft gestampt
  4. hebben gestampt
  5. hebben gestampt
  6. hebben gestampt
  1. had gestampt
  2. had gestampt
  3. had gestampt
  4. hadden gestampt
  5. hadden gestampt
  6. hadden gestampt
  1. zal stampen
  2. zult stampen
  3. zal stampen
  4. zullen stampen
  5. zullen stampen
  6. zullen stampen
  1. zou stampen
  2. zou stampen
  3. zou stampen
  4. zouden stampen
  5. zouden stampen
  6. zouden stampen
en verder
  1. ben gestampt
  2. bent gestampt
  3. is gestampt
  4. zijn gestampt
  5. zijn gestampt
  6. zijn gestampt
  1. stamp!
  2. stampt!
  3. gestampt
  4. stampend
1. ik, 2. je/jij, 3. hij/zij/het, 4. we. 5. jullie, 6. zij/ze

Translation Matrix for stampen:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
dance dans; dansje
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
dance stampen; stampvoeten dansen; trappelen
stamp one's foot fijnstampen; stampen; stampvoeten benoemen; bestempelen; betitelen

Wiktionary Translations for stampen:

  1. strike with or raise the foot or leg
  2. kick
  3. to put hastily through an extensive course of memorizing or study
  4. step quickly and heavily
  5. trample heavily on something or someone
  6. severely beat someone physically or figuratively
  1. to beat with one's feet; to trample

Cross Translation:
stampen crush; pound; pulverize broyer — Réduire en parcelles, en poudre ou en pâte.
stampen stomp fouler — Presser, avec les pieds, quelque chose qui cède
stampen stamp piaffer — (manège) cheval qui, marcher, lève les jambes de devant fort haut et les abaisser frapper le sol sans presque avancer.
stampen crush; pound; pulverize pilerbroyer, écraser quelque chose avec un pilon.
stampen stamp trépigner — intrans|fr frapper des pieds contre terre, d’un mouvement vif et rapide.

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